Are Manners Important

Do manners mean you have to be “old-fashioned” or are they still in style?

Personally I am all for them.  Nothing speaks more than manners when it comes to respect.  On thinking about this topic I web surfed for some helpful tips.

It seems I am not the only blogger wondering the same thing.  Today is a good day to role model manners and to insist that your children use them too. 

imagesManners – acceptable anywhere!


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3 Responses to Are Manners Important

  1. Manners are important. I have three children, all in high school. Recently, I have noticed the lack of respect and manners their friends have when they come to visit. Thankfully, my children are not shy in picking them up on it. Our home isn’t run like a ship, we are relaxed (or chill, as the kids say) and the odd elbow goes on the table but the basic manners need always apply, in and out of the home.

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